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Flight Simulators

A flight simulator is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight and the environment in which it flies, for pilot training, design, development, testing, etc. It includes replicating the equations that govern flight physics, flight controls, the effects of other aircraft systems; allowing user to play with air density, turbulence, wind shear, cloud, precipitation, etc.
Following are the categories of Flight Simulators we offer.

We provide Simulation Training Avionics Products and Services

Our Services

Simulator Rentals

Be it for procedural training, domain trainings or recognition events simulator can be great tools for engaging the audience and letting them learn in an incredible manner. Most simulators are available for rentals, they are accompanied by DGCA licensed flight instructors, for short and long term ranging from hours to days

Maintenance & Upgrades

World class Maintenance for Flight Simulator Installations for legacy and our own systems. Signup for Proactive Total Product Maintenance options. Complete Obsolescence Management and Spares Management for seamless support and upgrades.


Avionics Overview Trainings from industry experts, pilots. Concepts reinforcement with use of Glass cockpit Cesnna 172 & Boeing 737 simulator, Please check the Trainings section for more information.

and more...

To let you know if your simulator design is complete, or not. To let you know if your simulator system is behaving the way it should, or not.
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  • Sessions On Request

    Introduction to Flight
    This is one of our most demanded training.In the 6 day long training, students are introduced to basic Aerodynamics utilizing a scaled model of Cessna aircraft; this is followed by introduction to cockpit design and introduction of cockpit instrumentation. Students are given basic flying lessons on a DGCA standard Flight Simulator

  • Session Full

    Introduction to Avionics Training
    The training most apt for aerospace professional covers following topics over a period of 4 days. Aircraft operations & aerospace companies, Introduction to Basic Aerodynamics, Phases of Flight, Airports & Airspaces, Aircraft Propulsion System, Flight Control & Autopilot, Flight Instruments, Navigation, Comm & Landing Systems, Flight Management & Aircraft Surveillance System, Aircraft Display Systems & Flight Safety and Certification

  • Sessions Available

    Air Traffic Control
    The training helps students understand the Air traffic procedures and operations to make them more effective pilots, Air traffic controllers or engineers. The training covers Foundational ATC Concepts, Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) Operations, Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) Operations, Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) Operations, Traffic Flow Management (TFM)/Collaborative decision Making (CDM), How ATC Operations affect Flight Safety and Aircraft Efficiency

  • Sessions Available on Request

    Flying Engineer
    This 3 day Training is a custom offering for Aerospace Enthusiast, where our Experts teach you how to fly and give you a walk through of aviation trends, developments, pain points, and answering all of their queries. The students are taken to an actual aircraft for 2 hours to fly and feel the system with hands on experience

For More information or any other Training need please reach out to us at info@aerxlabs.com


If flying machines have excited you from your childhood, come work with us at Aerxlabs on the future! Aerxlabs offers you a fast-paced iterative environment where you drive innovations to solve real world challenges.We are Hiring!

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AerxLabs Inc is a startup with interests in Design & Development of nextgen UAV and Flight Simulation (Flightrix) technologies. Aerx is aggressively pursuing cutting edge innovations that are at the forefront of technology. Aerx Labs is in the process of filing multiple patents around Safety, Security and Efficiency of Aviation Technology.